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What is an estate agent?

Wilgimmo bvba is active chiefly as an estate agent in Leuven, and from 2014 also in Brussels. An estate agent for student buildings, Wilgimmo bvba not only ensures the residence is properly managed, it also finds serious tenants for your property based on a correct rental agreement.

In addition to rentals, Wilgimmo bvba also carries out small repairs to the property, that a valid security is agreed on, that the rental agreement is registered, that a suitable inventory of the premises is drawn up when people move in or out, that the tenant pays the right advance with regard to additional costs, that an unambiguous tenant and owner's settlement is drawn up and that in case of major repairs/renovations a suitable quote "without obligation" will be submitted.

If a SamenWerkingsOvereenkomst (SWO) was reached for the project concerning the property (or properties) between the developer and a University/Hogeschool the estate agent will also ensure, within his mandate, that the "rental and additional management" will be in accordance with the rules/conditions laid down within this SWO. 
For this commission, Wilgimmo bvba will request a mandate from the owner every year.

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